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  • Duk_mindless
    These are just sketches and drawings I did in my art classes the last few years. Drawing is one of my favorite past-times, but I have so little time for it these days, it makes me a little sad. I do draw portraits of many of my patients, but none of those appear here.

Vent Camp 2005

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    Vent Camp 2005: 16th year of Trails Edge Camp for Children who use Ventilators. The true meaning of "rehabilitation"... having a wonderful time despite all the technology. We're all just people in the end, all with weaknesses and gifts in equal measure, equals in God's eyes.

Vent Camp Training 2004

  • Duk_vent_camp_2004_013a
    Vent Camp training. Taking care of a child with a tracheostomy or a ventilator isn't rocket science... but it requires, training, care, and a sense of responsibility. You don't need a background in nursing or medicine.

Vent Camp 2000

  • Vc00_z01
    Vent Camp 2000. A great year. Paul's big year at camp.

Vent Camp 1998

  • Vc98_i17
    Vent Camp 1998. Laura K's first year. Frankie was still so young; so was Joey. I don't remember them being so young...